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I married Becca because she ‘advised’ me to – Tobi Sanni

Becca’s mother has revealed in an interview that Tobi Sanni may not have married her daughter with a clear conscience and a good heart because he confessed to her before the marriage that it was Becca who actually wanted the marriage in the first place.

According to Mrs. Juliet Yiadaom-Oti, Tobi called her in London and informed her that Becca has advised him to do knocking ceremony and proceed with marriage soon.

In other sense, he was not really up for it but he acted because of Becca’s ‘advice’ to him. Becca’s mother added that she was very upset when Tobi said those words to her.

But because she wanted her daughter, Rebbecca Acheampong aka Becca to be happy, she ignored that reckless statement from Tobi.

Juliet Yiadaom-Oti was reacting to an alleged rumor that Tobi Sanni Daniel has branded her a witch and has forbidden her from seeing Becca’s newborn daughter.

Reacting to the witch accusations from Tobi Sanni, Madam Juliet angrily stated that she would have chewed Becca when she gave birth to her at the age of 15yrs if she is a witch.

She went on to ask Tobi Sanni when he saw her flying at night and if he flies with her in the night to know if she is a witch or not.


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