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I can’t date for fun; I got my eyes on marriage – Stefflon Don

‘Hurtin’ Me’ hitmaker Stefflon Don has shared she cannot date for fun as her friends do.

For the 30-year-old unattached award-winning rapper, dating always invokes thoughts of marriage.

“I’m just a lover and I just love love and it’s like, I don’t know how to go out with a guy without thinking, oh, I’m going to marry you.”

Stefflon Don disclosed a relationship for the sake of it or for fun is not typical of her because “I feel like I’m just wasting my time.”

“I’m busy. I look after my whole family, so it’s like if I go out on a date, in my head I’m like I could have been in the studio, I could have been [working, so] it has to be worth it. I have to be seeing a future with you.”

A Sagittarius, she feels guilty and uncomfortable about this posture, however, and calls it “a problem.”

“I feel like that’s really annoying of me. I think that’s so annoying because all my friends they be going out, chilling, doing stuff, and I’m like, I don’t talk to nobody, I don’t do nothing,” she said adding her little sister considers her “boring as hell.”

“I just work. I just love to work,” is the response Stefflon Don says she gives her sister.

She spoke on Hot 97, a radio station in New York, USA.

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