I am sorry ‘Bogga Lady’ apologises over ‘fake’ Covid test tirade

A woman who created a dramatic scene at M Plaza Hotel in Accra after her COVID-19 test result at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) came out positive and was taken into isolation, has apologised for her viral disparaging commentary about the testing regime.

Ivy Aboagye had said in a widely circulated video that the test results at the airport were fake and accused officialdom of using the process as a conduit to extort money from travellers.

She has, however, made a U-turn, and offered a sober apology in a separate video, saying: “Hi, this is Ivy Aboagye over here. I’m ere to render an apology to the crew at the airport. I am very very sorry because upon boarding my flight, I did the test and it tested negative, so, getting over here and then me testing positive, it was baffling to me but I spoke to some health personnel and they said it is possible that you can test within 24 hours and still test positive, so, I am here to say I am sorry because I’ve done the antigen test over here and it still says positive even though had done it myself and it says negative”.

“We did the PCR test and it also come out positive so I’m here to render an apology to the crew, the COVID staff that were at the airport that did the test.

“I am very very sorry for what I said because there is a probability that you can get COVID within 24 hours or within 12, 15 hours, you can get it. COVID is real. Let’s all take care of ourselves. I’m really sorry, deep down in my heart, I’m very very sorry”.

“Now, to M Plaza and the crew over here and the doctor the nurses over here; I’m very very sorry for what I said about this place. All you did was M Plaza opened their doors for All the COVID patients to be quarantined. I’m asking you to forgive me because there is a probability that, INDEED, I have COVID”, she said.


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