Hunger inspired ‘Wiase y3 d3’ song – Quamina MP

Ghanaian musician, Quamina MP, has disclosed that he got the idea to record his hit single ‘Wiase y3 d3’ after going through difficult times and finding relief.

He explained that there was a time he had no money to afford food, and a friend suggested that they consume copra and juice.

After that experience, he said he felt living comfortably makes one enjoy life, hence ‘Wiase y3 d3’, which means ‘good life is fun’ in the Twi language.

Quamina MP, who was a guest on Class Drive on Class 91.3FM on Friday, 8 February 2019, narrated to host Prince Benjamin that: “At a point, I didn’t have anything to eat and God willing, I grabbed something to eat. It felt nice and I realised how fun it is to live a comfortable life”.

He continued: “By then, my friend and I didn’t have money when we were living in the same area in Mankessim”.

“We were hungry but we had no food. So, my friend suggested we pluck some coconut from a tree behind his house. We went and we started enjoying the coconuts… It was a sweet feeling, and the rhythm and lyrics started unfolding in my imagination about life and how enjoyable it is when you do not have to worry about your needs.”


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