How Mahama abused Mills at the presidency – Report

Former Deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress, Samuel Koku Anyidoho is claiming that then Vice President John Mahama used to abuse his boss, President John Atta Mills.

Koku, Founder of Atta Mills Institute and former Communications Director at the Presidency alleged this in a series of posts on his Twitter handle.

He claimed that the time has come for him to talk about what he knows and saw working with President Atta Mills.
He claimed the former President, John Mahama never respected Atta Mills and was consciously abusive of the law professor.

“John Mahama NEVER respected President Atta-Mills: John Mahama consciously abused President Atta-Mills’ Presidency and undermined President Atta-Mills. I always saw Vice President John Dramani Mahama abusing President Atta-Mills. The time has come for me talk” Koku Anyidoho tweeted.

“If John Mahama’s boys continue to abuse my silence and say I killed my daughter; I will now tell John Dramani Mahama that he will have to answer certain questions,” he wrote in another tweet.

“God has been to Ghana via the goodness of President Akufo-Addo. The wickedness and refusal of the wickedness of John Dramani Mahhave, have been paled into insignificance. I say John Dramani Mahama was a wicked Vice President to President Atta-Mills” he added.

In February last year, Koku Anyidoho petitioned the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to do an inquest into the death of the late Professor John Evans Atta Mills who died while serving as president of Ghana.

Koku said in his letter to the CID that it has become necessary after a fanatic of former President John Mahama claimed that he (Koku) had a hand in Prof. Mills’ death.

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