Hot Video: We’ll resist Nigerian occupants – Angry Madina traders

Aggrieved Madina traders have threatened to resist attempts to allocate stalls to Nigerian traders who have allegedly bribed council members to secure settlement at the new market location.

A trader, who gave his name as Kofi Odei, speaking to threatened to scatter the goods of the Nigerians if they are given spots at the market before Ghanaian traders.

He claimed the move was rushed and complained about the state of the new market place.

“We agree that our previous trading spot by the wayside along the Madina-Adenta stretch was dangerous as a vehicle could lose control and crash into us, but the new place appears unprepared with no available place of convenience or stalls to sell our wares on.

Narrating the details to, he lamented that they were made to write their names to secure spots at the market, but they got there only to find out that some Nigerians had taken positions at the place already.

This, he explained, led to a scuffle which was later resolved by the police. They were consequently asked to wait and have places allocate to them accordingly.

He added that if they are denied the opportunity to settle at the new market to carry out their business as usual, they will hold government responsible.

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“In fact, what is happening here is incomprehensible, government has failed us. After ejecting us from the wayside, you told us to relocate to this unfinished facility. As if that is not enough, all we have encountered so far is being tossed here and there despite having us write our names for the allocations.

“All we are asking is that they settled the matter amicably and on time so that we can start doing business.

“We will not tolerate authorities accepting bribes from foreigners while we the citizens are left to our faith. If they give out the better places to foreigners, we will go and scatter their setups.

“Most of us have taken loans from banks for our businesses, but now that we haven’t worked for three consecutive days, how does government expect us to make profits to pay back the loans we have taken from financial institutions.

“We are appealing to government to intervene and settle the matter amicably,” he added.

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