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Hot Video: “Defiant” Ursula sings her defense in parliament

Communications Minister Ursula Owusu-Ekuful has channeled her whims and caprices through music as she faced parliament today over controversial Kelni GVG contract.

Singing from a verse from the Bible, Exodus chapter 22, her hymn seemed to have impressed only half of the house, as hard hearted minority members appeared indifferent.

The minister was in the House to answer questions on the controversial Kelni GVG contract which has attracted criticism from the minority and civil society groups, particularly IMANI Africa.

The telecommunication networks have also been kicking against the proposal for Kelni GVG to monitor them.

However, the minister believes the telcos have an ulterior motive in the whole matter.

“…their main motivation may have been their unwillingness for GOG to have full visibility of their actual traffic volumes to determine the real taxes payable on the revenues earned from them,” she said.

Watch the video below (Singing on 9 min:22 min in video)

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