He’s Getting Ready to Beat them – Video of Dumelo Seriously Gyming Trends after blows in Parliament

Actor turned politician John Dumelo has been spotted in a new video lifting heavy weights to build his muscles.

The video has gone viral as it comes exactly during a time when Ghanaian MPs caused a commotion in Parliament and started some WWE contests.

Netizens say the video shows Dumelo is getting ready to enter Parliament and beat up all the stubborn MPs!

The Members of Ghana’s Parliament embarrassed themselves massively after a brawl broke up in the ‘August’ house on Monday, December 20th 2021.

The minority and majority caucuses were once again at loggerheads over the passage of the e-levy.

They childishly decided to take their disagreements physically and a mass brawl broke out.

Some MPs suffered huge blows and slaps in the fracas from their colleagues.

Videos of the fight went viral as Ghanaians simply could not believe the childish behaviours of so-called MPs.

In the midst of that, a video of John Dumelo lifting weights has surfaced.

Dumelo has aspirations of becoming an MP in the next elections.

He tried for the first time in 2020 and came quite close and there is every indication he would try again in 2024.

According to netizens, the man is getting his body ready by lifting weights because fights have now become a normal occurrence in Parliament.

Watch video below

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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