GVG was chased out of Tanzania, Liberia – IMANI

President of advocacy group, IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe has revealed that Haitian telecommunication company, Global Voice Group, GVG, was practically chased out of Tanzania and Liberia for poor performance.

IMANI says its findings have established that the President of Tanzania, John Magufuli, suspended the head of the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) for entering into a dubious contract with GVG and another company which resulted in a loss of approximately $180million to that country.

It also revealed that the telecommunication traffic monitoring system contract GVG won in Tanzania was not properly tendered, a situation that irked the president and decision makers of the Tanzania government.

In Liberia, the government commissioned a forensic audit after it emerged that GVG had paid $25 million from Liberian taxpayers’ money during the Ebola healthcare emergency deal to implement an International Gateway Management System (IGMS) to corrupt politicians.

GVG, according to reports, was operating through its local partner, Conex Telecommunications Inc. and under declared proceeds accrued from the monitoring of international calls to Liberia that reportedly increased in 20 folds during the Ebola crisis.

Against that background, IMANI is advising against the deal which in his estimation surrender data of Ghanaians to hackers; if GVG is allowed to “play with their phone calls, chats, everything”.
Franklin Cudjoe says it is quite intriguing that a company of such size and stature which is said to have been

registered in Ghana in 1995, only put up a website on 27th December, 2017 and decides to block the identity of the registrant.
He adds that the website of GVG is not secured and could be at the mercy of hackers and unsafe for potential visitors.

“This is a company handling our secure telephone conversations, text messages and Mobile Money platforms, yet their most basic window to the world shows an insecure website which even after typing the right link leads to a very dubious looking URL,” Franklin Cudjoe disclosed, stressing that website has no search indexes on Google.

GVG which claims to have been in operation for 22 years in about 7 different countries could not list any client it had successfully worked with, the findings added.


In 2010, the Ghana Revenue Authority contracted Subah to oversee revenue assurance activities within the telcos.

The company received 75 million cedis for what critics say was payment for no work done.

Later on in 2015, Afriwave was appointed by the NCA to perform the job of an interconnect clearinghouse services which was similar to the job being done by Subah.

They were also paid an amount of 40 million cedis.

In 2017, the NPP government is now contracting a new foreign company to do the same, if not similar job.

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