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Gov’t’s handling of money even in crisis hopeless – Gyampo

A Political Science lecturer at the University of Ghana Professor Ransford Gyampo has bemoaned government’s prioritisation of the All Africa Games above the basic needs of Ghanaians.

This comes on the back of reports that government is planning to use USD140 million of a loan facility of USD750 million to host the All Africa Games this year.

The Political Science lecturer is questioning why government cannot solve the basic needs of the citizenry but is willing to spend that much on the All Africa games.

Professor Gyampo shared his thoughts in a Facebook post on Tuesday, 30 August 2022.

“The handling of our money even in times of crisis is so hopeless. We got a loan of USD750m but received only USD713m.

“Then we want to use USD140m for games? We need the priceless games but can’t we solve basic needs and demands first?” Prof Gyampo quizzed.

In a separate post, the Political Science lecturer noted: “We cannot mince words about this. All African Games and the construction of stadia for that purpose may be truly priceless, but we need to be alive and fit to enjoy its pricelessness.

“People are hungry. We are unable to buy petrol. The prices of basic needs are sky-rocketing. Food is now too expensive. Common kenkey and rice, common yookogari and fried plantain…”

He further noted that: “Utility service providers are asking for more. COLA is paid to workers and taxes whose uses we now cannot tell, takes all of them.

“Ghanaians are dying slowly. But they must be alive to enjoy the pricelessness of games!”

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