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Gifty Anti snubs critics of her views on feminism

Ace broadcaster, Gifty Anti, says she will not respond to the spokesperson of the Education Ministry, Mr Kwesi Kwarteng and other social media critics regarding her views on feminism.

According to the avowed feminist, even though she is passionate about the empowerment of women, she will not respond to her social media critics.

Speaking in an interview with JoyNews’ Paa Kwesi Schandorf on Wednesday, she insisted that she stands by her assertion that men fear women with power, but won’t respond to critics on social media.

“I’m sure you’ve read the story [and] you’ve listened to the tape.

I will not answer to anybody who attacks me on social media. If I want to, I will go there and do it. But if you as a very good journalist, a seasoned one has questions for me, I will answer. But I will not react to anything that anybody said about me on social media”, she said.

She added “This gentleman [Kwasi Kwarteng] is not the only one to have reacted. A lot of other guys have and some women as well. So I will not respond to this gentleman.

Even if the President had written that on social media, I wouldn’t have responded in any interview. People hide behind social media and say all sorts of things”.


Gifty Anti’s comments were in reaction to a Facebook post by the spokesperson of the Education Ministry, Kwasi Kwarteng, who accused her of destroying young women who listened to her feminism sermons in the past.

According to him, many ladies who heeded her advice on women empowerment began unhealthy competitions with men which collapsed their homes and marriages.

In his post on Wednesday, he said the former news anchor inspired her followers to shun marriage and focus on their careers; only to later do the opposite.

In his view, this constitutes a ‘betrayal’ which she must correct by teaching women to balance their career aspirations with other vital aspects of their lives.

“This is what you did and destroyed the identity of many young women who followed you religiously but blindly.

“Sadly, you have reduced life to a competition between men and women. In your attempt to help young women find their identity, you erroneously created an impression as if the only thing they need in this world is their career and that life is all about how they can be better than men”, he said.

Mr. Kwarteng continued, “Young women were told the only important variable necessary for their development was their career and nothing else. Today you betrayed the very principles you stood for.

“I wish you have the courage to re-educate them that a well balanced aggregation of family, marriage & career is equally vital to one’s identity. And that they can still get to the top without seeing men as their competitors”.

“To over-emphasise career at the altar of the others has proven to be consequentially unfulfilling especially in a world where our identity is largely corporate and shaped by society”, Kwasi Kwarteng concluded.

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