Ghanaian student making waves at Chinese vocational school

Sergio Thompson, a 19-year-old student from Ghana, was sent to China by his father to learn automobile repair skills four years ago.

Thompson is the first foreign student at the Lanxiang vocational school, and he names himself Liu Yang in Chinese. Language was a difficult challenge for him.

Thompson put up Chinese pinyin cards everywhere in his room, as he could keep practising spelling.

He also took opportunities to practise oral communication, and one year later, he could communicate with others in Chinese fluently. Technical skill was another challenge.

Majored in automobile repair at Shandong Lanxiang Technician College, Thompson now can disassemble and assemble automotive engines blindfolded in a meal’s time.

Thompson will graduate from his college and bring what he has learnt in China back to Ghana this summer.

Thompson and his father have planned to open a technical school in Ghana and invite Chinese teachers to teach automotive repair skills to Ghanaians.

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