Ghanaian musicians are not serious – Hammer

Veteran music producer, Edward Nana Poku Osei, aka Hammer has stated that most artistes treat music as their hobby not a full-time job.

In his estimation, up-and-coming musicians now sees music as their part-time work and do no attach seriousness to it.

He disclosed this in an interview with Melvina Frimpong Manso on Suncity Radio’s Showbiz 971 in Sunyani
“Music does pay, I think it pays. Most of these artistes have not realized that it is a career; they still think it is a hobby. Music has helped me a lot.

“I am going through my normal routine. I have been doing the bread business for a year now. It was amazing to see a 26-year old guy get into the bread business at the industrial level in Kumasi. I advised him to come to Accra. He tasked me to handle the Accra sector for him.

“We have been doing it on a low level. The result is very fulfilling, it is very beautiful. I sell the bread with my jeep. I have been pushing other people’s businesses including salad.

“I am enjoying direct business by engaging in a fast-moving commodity. You see money every day. People must be careful with the type of business that they choose. Until I retire, I will choose anything that will make me feel great.

“If you have any business in mind, just do it. You have completed school and you are not getting employment, try your hands on other things,” he advised the youth.

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