Ghanaian clubs show interest in Inter Allies’ Adebayor

Inter Allies technical director, Willie Klutse has disclosed to Zylofon Sports that most of the local clubs are putting pressure on them to release their talisman, Victorien Adje Adebayor Zakari to them.

Adebayor has had a blistering start since joining the ‘Eleven is to one’ side this season.

He has scored 7 goals in his first 12 games and due to his performance, Mr Klutse told Zylofon 102.1 FM that, some of the local clubs are on their necks for Adebayor’s service.

“Some of the local clubs are chasing him (Adebayor) .Some clubs are only interested in already made players, and they only wait for you (smaller team) to groom the player for them to entice you with money “. Willie Klutse said.

“I can’t mention any team at the moment, but they are worrying us. They are behaving as if we don’t have eyes for good players and, that doesn’t show respect to the smaller teams. Mr. Klutse told Zylofon FM.

Adebayor has scored 7 goals, 3 from free kicks and 3 from open play and one from the penalty spot. He has won two man of the match in the process.

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