Ghana Police Commandos Unlawfully Break Into Trasacco Boss’ Home?

Information gathered by this site suggests that five pick ups full of armed police commandos have unlawfully broken into the home of 74-year-old Ghanaian Business Mogul Ernesto Taricone, Group chairman of Trasacco Limited.

indications are that the Police Commandos, from the Ghana Police service in a typical Rambo style fashion allegedly said they were acting on the instructions of some top police officers.

It has emerged that the officers were at the businessman’s house with a bench warrant from the Court bearing the name of a different person rather than the victim’s.

According to a source close to the businessman, the police Commandos allegedly threatened the renowned business mogul and claimed they are acting on instructions from above.

The question is why the use of five pick up trucks full of commandos to arrest a businessman who has been operating for the past 25 years?

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