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Gerrard Pique finds new love after breaking up with Shakira

Barcelona defender Gerrard Pique is in deep love again following his separation with international singer Shakira. Pique and Shakira were in tight love for years but decided to split this year over few relationship issue.

Shakira became more popular on the Africa continent during the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup. The world’s football governing body in collaboration with South Africa 2010 Oranising Committee Chairman Danny Jordan contracted the adorable singer to compose the official song for the tournament.

The Colombia star delivered to perfection when she came out with a nice jama song “Waka Waka” which become the toast of Africa Football lovers. Interestingly, her fiancee, Gerrard Pique and his Spanish national team won the world cup for the first time in their history.

The duo have break-up and moving towards a new life. Things have not gone well for Pique and his Barcelona side in the last couple of months under Manager Xavi Hernandez who used to be Pique’s playing mate.

But the Catalonia, Pique believes his newly found fiancee will inspire him to give out his best for Barcelona once he becomes stress free and have a peaceful mind.

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