Gazmilla burst unto the music scene with Stamina – Hippopo

Gazmilla is back again with a banger e calls Stamina – Hippopo.
His latest comes with a dance moves that is already gone viral.
Gazmilla is on move to clean coastal . Let’s imbibe the culture of clean lines in kids so that they’ll grow with it.

Make everyday count, one day at a time.
Showbiz 360

NKZ, Guru Maradona xxx is back in the classroom to learn Political science and information studies.
I have joined the Ges, Nana Oye lithurscto empower young people in education. So man for go back to learn more and also grow fan base from there

Albert that was killed… I all want from the police
1 month campaign for justice
All white
15 July
16 July
Go back to school, don’t booze, don’t fonicate,

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