Gaza’s deadliest day of violence in years

Dozens of Palestinians have been killed and thousands wounded by Israeli troops, Palestinian officials say, on the deadliest day of violence since the 2014 Gaza war.

The violence came as the US opened its embassy in Jerusalem, a move that has infuriated Palestinians.

Funerals were held on Tuesday in Gaza for 58 Palestinians reported killed on Monday when Israeli troops opened fire during protests, in the deadliest day of violence there since a war in 2014.

Another death was reported on Tuesday – a 51-year-old man – but calm mostly prevailed as the dead were buried.

Israel has faced international condemnation over the deaths, from the UN, UK, France, Russia and others.

Israel has defended its actions, and the US has voiced its support.

Monday’s violence came as the US inaugurated its first embassy in Jerusalem, a controversial step by the Trump administration that broke with decades of US policy and incensed Palestinians.

Palestinians claim East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state. Many see the US move as backing Israeli control over the whole of the city, which Israel regards as its indivisible capital.

Donald Trump’s decision to relocate the embassy, announced in December, fuelled anger in Islamist-ruled Gaza, which is economically impoverished and under an Israeli and Egyptian blockade. Israel and Egypt say it is for their self-defence.

For seven weeks, protesters have gathered on the Gaza side of the border with Israel, with scores of deaths over that period before the violence ratcheted this week.

Among the dead on Monday were eight children under the age of 16, including a baby of eight months, Layila al-Ghandour, according to the Hamas-run health ministry. At least 2,700 were reported injured.

No Israelis were reported killed or injured.

Source: BBC

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