Full Details of How Kennedy Agyapong was Duped Ghc 7m

Kurom ay3 shi! Kennedy Agyapong is one of the most feared men in Ghana but even he can get duped.

If a ‘whole’ Kennedy Agyapong is getting duped in this country, then what chance is there for the rest of us?

The member of Parliament for Assin Central wields a lot of power, being an MP and a very rich man.

He also owns his own radio and television station which he uses to broadcast any message he wants to the world.

However, Agyapong is now complaining that he has been duped by a certain person he did business with.

According to him, the person is a young man, about 39-year old but he had the guts to dupe him, a 61-year old man.

He vowed that he will destroy the business of this person before the NPP leaves power.

He was speaking on Net 2 TV, of course (where else?).

“Do you see why Ghana doesn’t develop? I will take action and I don’t care because I won’t let him take me for granted ever. It hurts me that the boys managed to defraud me. I will destroy them. Whether they pay or they don’t pay,” he said.

Agyapong added: “Last week, I told you that I bought machines worth 7 million dollars for some gentleman. They cheated on me. They still haven’t changed. Their time will come. My message to them is when I was giving you the 7 million to buy those canon machines, if that was all I was left with, I wouldn’t have bought those machines for you.

“What even hurts me is that a 39-year-old boy would cheat me a 61-year old man. And the action I want to take, people are still begging.”

Agyapong added that he is sharing his story to let everyone know things are not as easy for him as others think.

“I am sharing this example to let you know it is not easy for me but I am rising above the occasion. I will not let this seven million stop my ambitions. I am still investing.”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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