Franklin Cudjoe bemoans depreciation of cedi against US dollar

The Founding President of think tank IMANI Centre for Policy and Education, Mr Franklin

The cedi currently trades at GHS12 against USD1.

In a Facebook post on Monday, 17 October 2022, Mr Cudjoe described the Ghanaian currency as the most worthless against the US dollar.

“The Ghanaian currency, the cedi, is officially the most worthless against the dollar.

“My Cedi Committee did its best to advise against this eventuality,” he wrote.

He noted that setting up committees in the country, to deal with important issues such as the depreciation of the Ghana Cedi is a waste, as the recommendations of such committees are not enforced.

“Alas, when you see a snake, just kill it. No need to set up a committee on snakes,” Mr Cudjoe remarked.

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