Foodstuff prices go up by 7% in May – Esoko

Prices of foodstuff have gone up by at least seven percent between April and May 2018.

Statistics released by Esoko Ghana shows that prices went up as much as 7 cedis for some foodstuff on the market.

A variety of factors have been attributed to the rise in the prices of food items.

These include the drop in production, inability to cart goods from production site to market centres as well as the rapid rate of food items going bad due to poor handling processes and inadequate storage facilities at market centres.

Statistics by Esoko Ghana show that prices of your favourite foodstuff such as vegetables, tubers and grains, shot up between April and May.

For instance, the price of 250 kilograms worth of medium size yam tuber, went up by about 7 cedis; from 564 to 607 cedis.

Similarly, you would by a 100 kilogram bag of local rice for GH¢332.5 but the same quantity was going for GH¢325.5 in April.

Also, the average price for a crate of tomato gained 5.85% to sell at GH¢440 in May.

For the same quantity of 68 olonka bag of gari, you would have to pay about 2 percent more to the GH¢197 that you would have paid in April.

Meanwhile, the price of a sack of cassava dropped by GH¢3; from GH¢75 to GH¢72.

This is partly due to bumper harvest.

But Content Manager at Esoko Ghana, Francis Danso Adjei however advises consumers to brace themselves to pay more as prices will go high this month again.

This could also be attributed to the recent hikes in transport fares.



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