Focus more on schools in the deprived communities – Gov’t told

As I Grow (NGO), nongovernmental Organization which is based in Larteh- Akuapem has taken upon itself to support, educate and provide a lifeline for the deprived communities and schools.

This time the Organization took an emergency step to provide uniforms, white boards, markers, exercise books, textbooks, pens, pencils and other educational materials to some deprived schools in Akuapem North municipality and Suhum Municipality.

Most often the schools in the deprived communities are left behind in terms of educational, social amenities and infrastructural development.

The NGO donated these items to Attabui Basic School in the Akuapem North municipality and Miawani MA Primary School in the Suhum Municipality.

Speaking to the media, the CEO of the organization, Mr. Debrah Bekoe Isaac expressed much concern about how children in the deprived communities are left behind in terms of educational support and logistics.

He said although Government is doing a lot but more need to be done on the side of education in the deprived communities, adding it will helps create a conducive environment for children in these agrarian communities.

He continued that, “most of the children had no uniforms and other learning logistics, some even come to school in toned dresses and barefoot which has lead to loss of interest in education”

He advised that, “children in the deprived communities in Ghana also need equal access to better education and development so government and other institutions should attach much importance to them as well”

He said, As I Grow (NGO) will continue to do it best to support the less privileged in our deprived schools to bridge the gap between them and those in the cities.

He pleaded with individuals, stakeholders and institutions to come in to support AIG to embark on other projects that will free the deprived communities of poverty also improve the standards of education and also thanked Mr. David Anani, Mr. Edward Nana Appiah and Mrs. Sandra Kumi who supported this project.

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