Finance Ministry begins search to appoint transaction advisers for $5 billion Eurobond

The Finance Ministry has begun the search to appoint transaction advisers for next year’s $5 billion Eurobond as well as other medium-to-long term debt instruments.

It is therefore inviting qualified and reputable transaction advisors for the various instruments under the programme.

The instruments for the programme include Eurobonds, Diaspora Bonds, Sustainable or Green Bonds and the Syndicated Term Bonds.

The selected transaction advisors for each instrument according to the Finance Ministry shall be required to provide but not limited to advisory, guidance and driving the international capital market funding program process as well as structuring and documentation of the programme.

The $5.0 billion Eurobond will be used to support growth-oriented expenditures in the 2021 Budget, conduct liability management including refinancing domestic debt and a buyback of some selected outstanding Eurobonds.


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