Fibre cuts major cause of poor telecom services

Fibre optic cables have aided the connection of platforms for improved service delivery by telecom operators.

However the challenge of dealing with their regular destruction, has left most telecom operators desperate.

The phenomenon not only drains resources but creates a gloomy picture for improved services.

Citi Business News has been engaging industry players and they suggest that robust measures be put in place to address the issues.

In response to queries on some lapses in service deliveries in some parts of the country, at least two telcos cited fibre cuts as a factor accounting for that.

The two, AirtelTigo and MTN among others lamented the impact of the canker on their operations.

They therefore advocated measures to curb the trend.

Telecom Analyst, Fouad Chaalabi highlights the extent of impact of fibre cuts to the mobile network operators.

“Unfortunately you have to invest to thrive; you invest in fibre and it is cut. So for your business to thrive so you try other things… Infact there is a lot of waste of income that every business has to pay for the same service twice or three times,” he stated.

It is estimated that cable theft causes telcos huge losses running into millions of cedis annually and drains a lot of their income.

For instance, last year, MTN lamented the need to continuously replace cables aside carrying out a similar exercise for over 1,200 times the preceding year.

Vodafone Ghana has also disclosed that the company is still plagued with cable cuts and thefts, and spends an average of GH¢ 1.8 million annually in fixing interruptions.

But Mr. Chaalabi believes a lasting solution could be found where the security agencies and the telcos collaborate to bring perpetrators to book.

“There should be continuous checks and there should be more seriousness into what is happening…there should be fair treatment and fair playground among the operators for them to feel that the efforts that they are putting in place is paid for,” he suggested.

Source: citinewsroom

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