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Feli Nuna was disrespected – Edem defends singer amid feud with A-Plus

Rapper Edem believes musician, Feli Nuna, was treated unfairly by colleague A-Plus when she appeared on United Showbiz on Saturday.

The two musicians clashed on the show when A-Plus berated Feli Nuna’s boyfriend for not investing in her craft.

However, in a series of tweets, Edem stated that because the panel were unable to admonish the singer for confidently promoting her song in a towel, they decided to attack someone else.

He called their actions unacceptable stating that “…Felly Nuna was purely disrespected on that Panel. Nobody should take that bullsh** all in the name of promotion.”

Edem added that Feli Nuna’s boyfriend is not obligated to support her music career as A-Plus was pushing for on the show.

According to him, there are couples who have not funded their partner’s businesses but they are not criticised.

“Those saying her boyfriend should fund her, their girlfriends and wives are working for other people to make money. Smh. Why aren’t you building companies for them? Y’all are even sitting on a panel to get paid and you are saying that. Why you no build your own stations,” Edem wrote.

Musicians A-Plus and Feli Nuna were among a panel discussing issues regarding the showbiz industry.

During the deliberation, the Off Da Ground signee was quizzed on whether her boyfriend invests in her career to which she responded in the negative.

A Plus, particularly, was among those who did not support Feli’s revelation about her significant other.

“Your boyfriend is rich but does not work in showbiz. So you’re going to look for someone to invest while your boyfriend hides his?” he quizzed on Saturday.

But Feli Nuna responded on Accra-based UTV saying; “Does what you’re saying make sense?”

She insisted that their relationship was strictly personal and had nothing to do with her showbiz interests for which reason he needs not invest in her craft.

This led to a bigger argument on set and later on social media.

Feli Nuna in a tweet maintained her position; noting that even though there are times in her career when her boyfriend has been of help, he is not obliged to invest in her showbiz interest.

“If you carry certain sexist defeatist mindsets you’re part of a dying breed. The world is moving forward,” she added.

Meanwhile, CEO of Off Da Ground records, Fuse ODG also reacted to the clash stating that the show made it glaring that the music industry is a dangerous space for women.

“A man should have the right to want to have sex with the woman if the woman needs their investment? Proud of Feli for standing up,” he wrote.


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