Family means more than music – Screw Face

For someone who has has a lot of success in the music industry, one would think music would be Screw Face’s number one priority but he says no.

According to the musician, his family means more and he will put them first over any other thing in this world including music.

“I have been quiet on the music scene for sometime now and it is because I was taking care of my family. They are everything to me. Although it is music that puts food on the table, my family will always come first.

“My family will always be there for me but the music or any other thing will not so I don’t joke with my family. I make sure they get everything they need. If I have to sleep on an empty stomach for a week and provide for my wife and kids I will do it,” he told Showbiz recently.

According to Screw Face he cancelled a lot of shows when he was at his peak because he had to be with his family.

He said he was often surprised when some celebrities placed their work over their family. “I am not saying money is not good but after the money what’s next? You need to have time for your spouse and children no matter what,” he said.

Screw Face refused to mention the name of his sweetheart and the number of children he has saying he was very private.

“I am not against any celebrity who flaunts their family on social media but hey that is not me,” he said.

Talking about his music career, Screw Face who is known for songs like Bue Bue, Gbalagaza and Aki na Porpor among others said he was coming back with a bang soon.

He stated that his style was very different and getting a hit again will not be a problem for him.

“Although it is difficult to come back and make a hit after taking a long break, I believe it will be easy for me because of what I stand for. My style has always been different that is why Ghanaians love to listen to me,” he said.

One thing Screw Face is not happy about is DJs choosing new artistes over the old folks when it comes to promoting their songs.


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