Fameye smacks manager’s face over money

Fameye, known for his hit song ‘Nothing I get’ has fought his manager and slapped him over a misunderstanding.

In the video, the two were seen engaging in a heated argument with his manager blaming him (Fameye) for not giving him a call as agreed.

According to information that came with the video, Fameye had himself taken all the money from his Europe tour instead of his manager doing so on his behalf.

The manager then confronted him asking why he did so when the agreement had been clearly spelt out that he the manager should collect the money.

But Fameye lost his cool and was heard screaming at the manager in the Akan language: “What can you do to me? You cannot do anything, joke and see.”

They were being separated by another man at the scene, but Fameye returned from wherever he was going with the man to where he was arguing with his manager and gave him multiple slaps, as the sounds from the video showed.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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