Exposed! Spiritualist reveals Obinim’s source of power

Jnana Chaksus, Communications Director of Hare Krishna Movement, has exposed Bishop Daniel Obinim’s source of power.

The Hare Krishna scribe has warned Ghanaians over the exercise of miracles by the popular prophet stating that he does not deal with the Holy Spirit but operates with demons and not angels as he claims.

He made these assertions in connection with recent news in which founder of the International God’s Way Church said two of his ‘angels’, Nimokafrim and Ayɛtɛfrɛm wanted to punish pastors for talking evil about him, but he [Obinim] intervened on their behalf.

Obinim had recently said in a video, he was going for a meeting with his ‘angel’ friends after they revealed their plans to punish the said pastors.

‘Obinim’s ‘Nimokafrim, Ayɛtɛfrɛm’ are dwarfs not angels – Hare Krishna


He added that, he even told his wife about the spiritual encounter and claimed his friends belonged to the Cherubim and the Seraphim group of angels.

The weird video account went viral sparking controversy which attracted both condemnation and mockery on various social media platforms.

However, Mr. Jnana Chaksus in an interview with Adom TV disclosed that Bishop Obinim was using the name of God as a cover up for his evil deeds.

He [Mr. Jnana Chaksus] further explained that Nimokafrim and Ayɛtɛfrɛm are not angels as Obinim claimed but are dwarfs with white beards and marble feet.

He described Obinim’s assertion of seeing God as blasphemous buttressing his point with Exodus 33:20 and Timothy 6:16 which states… “Moses saw God’s form but didn’t see His full glory because no mortal can see God and live”.

It is in line with this, that he argued that there’s no way Obinim would see God and live.

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