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Electoral Commission must withdraw CI and amend it – Lawyer

Osman Alhassan, a legal practitioner, is calling on Jean Mensa-led Electoral Commission to as a matter of urgency, withdraw and review the Constitutional Instrument (C.I) which is currently pending before Parliament.

According to him, the EC’s decision to depend solely on the Ghana Card as proof that a prospective voter is a citizen is imprudent and also portrays the Commission as incompetent in the conduct of its work.

The C.I. is seeking to allow voters who have attained the age of 18 to use the national identification card as the sole requirement for registering to vote in the 2024 election.

Alhassan, while speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show on August 9, argued: “to rely on the NIA card is to tell Ghanaians that you are not competent enough or you are not as competent as NIA, to determine somebody’s age or the accuracy of somebody’s age or citizenship or bio-data on the birth certificate that is being used to get the Ghana Card.

“So I think if they want the NIA to take over the Electoral Commission, they should let us know. Because that is exactly what they are communicating.”

Osman Alhassan further explained that if the C.I. is passed in its current state, many will be disenfranchised.

“They should withdraw the CI, go and amend it and ask themselves, what can we do so that at the end of the voters’ registration process, as less people as possible are disenfranchised in the process.”

About the C.I.

Per the new C.I, the EC is seeking to make the Ghana Card the sole form of identification for eligible voters who want to get onto the electoral roll.

The C.I has been referred to the Subsidiary Legislation Committee of Parliament. By convention, the committee is chaired by a member of the Minority group.

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