“Dubious” GVG can’t be trusted with $89m – Franklin Cudjoe

Hatian company, Global Voice Group, GVGkelni, which is at the center of the controversial $89 million data monitoring contract with government, has no genuine expertise in data monitoring, according to Franklin Cudjoe.

The president of the policy think tank, IMANI Africa says full-fledged research conducted by his outfit suggests that GVG has virtually no experience to undertake the tasks handed them in the contract at a whopping $89 million.

IMANI Africa President says it is quite intriguing that a company of such size and stature, which is said to have been registered in Ghana in 1995, only put up a website on 27th December, 2017 and decides to block the identity of the registrant.

What is more, the website of GVG is not secured and could be at the mercy of hackers and unsafe for potential visitors.

“This is a company handling our secure telephone conversations, text messages and Mobile Money platforms, yet their most basic window to the world shows an insecure website which even after typing the right link leads to a very dubious looking URL,” Franklin Cudjoe disclosed, stressing that the website has no search indexes on Google.

GVG which claims to have been in operations for 22 years in about 7 different countries could not list any client it had successfully worked with, the findings added.

Against that background, IMANI said Ghanaians risk exposing their data if GVG is allowed to “play with their phone calls, chats, and everything”.

IMANI proceeds further to ask these pertinent questions: “One may ask how a company commanding such millions and sensitive information can’t even get a website right?

“Can we trust a company that is being paid $89 million over 5 years, when it does not even have a simple website? Even table top entrepreneurs with annual turnover of 1,000.00 cedis have websites.

“Why are they so secretive? Why don’t they have a secure website?

“How do we pay $89 million with an automatic renewal of another $89 million over 10 years for an IT company which does not even pay attention to simple and basic website protocols?

“How come the website of the company was registered only after Christmas last year, after they had signed the contract?  Who is fronting for GVG? Can we know their owners?

“In any case, where is the Finance Minister’s signature on the contract and on this statement only the MoC is driving?

“They should call the Attorney General and ask where she is, when there are ongoing court cases, injunctions and cancellation of contracts.


In 2010 the Ghana Revenue Authority contracted Subah to oversee revenue assurance activities within the telcos.

The company received 75 million cedis for what critics say was payment for no work done.

Later on in 2015, Afriwave was appointed by the NCA to perform the job of an interconnect clearinghouse services which was similar to the job being done by Subah.

They were also paid an amount of 40 million cedis.

In 2017, the NPP government is now contracting a new foreign company to do the same, if not similar job.

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