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Dubbing Mexican, Indian telenovelas into Twi ‘complete nonsense’ – Eddie Nartey

Ghanaian actor and film producer Eddie Nartey has said translating Mexican and Indian telenovelas into Twi is ruining the country’s culture and movie industry.

According to the film producer, translating Mexican and Indian telenovelas into Twi is “nonsense.”

Speaking in an interview with Docta Kay on Accra100.5FM’s Nkran Kwanso, the actor and movie producer said:“I think it’s complete nonsense. It’s complete nonsense because you’re destroying the market, you’re destroying the film industry. When you turn on your TV, you see these TV stations showing telenovelas at prime times. It’s our women who are watching these telenovelas, our women are being impacted with these Mexican culture, Indian culture.”

He bemoaned the effect of such telenovelas on the Ghanaian culture. 

“One of the cars we have here, is called Pragya, it is ruining the culture, it is ruining children and it is spoiling and ruining the film industry,” the actor noted.

Reacting to complaints that there is no diversity in the stories portrayed in Ghanaian movies, the actor who admitted that, such was the case in the past, however, stressed that things have changed currently. 

“I can guarantee you that this has changed over a period of time, when COVID came, I know producers had a re-think, Covid changed a lot of things and so after COVID, I can assure you that all the movies that have been released are standard.

“I do believe that producers have changed. If you look at Kumahood films, what Frank Gabby and other directors have been doing. They’re doing really well. These movies in Twi, they’re doing so good, they’re winning so many awards.”

He added:  “I can tell you that it’s different now.”

He therefore called on Ghanaians to support the Ghanaian movie industry.

“Support your own, when they’re showing Ghanaian movies, go there and support,” the actor added.

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