DPS International celebrates Mothers’ Day

BEING A mother is one of the daunting tasks in the world, especially beginning with the pregnancy period where a woman has to carry a child in her womb for a solid nine months.

The stress continues after the child is born and has to be catered for right from birth to adulthood and sometimes for life.

But being a mother is also not all about stress and looking after kids, preparing them for school, feeding them, among others.

It is equally rewarding to be a mother and at Delhi Private School (DPS) International, being a mother comes with much fun and deep appreciation or recognition.

And on the occasion of this year’s Mother’s Day celebration, the Tema-based DPS International, has once again demonstrated its unflinching love, support and appreciation for motherhood.

On Saturday, May 11, 2019, the school held its Mother’s Day, an occasion it used to pay tributes to mothers of its students and others around the world.

The event held inside the School’s auditorium brought together mothers of all ages and backgrounds.

They all together with the School’s authorities including its Principal, David Raj, shared in the joy of being a mother.

There were fun activities on the occasion such as ball, gallon, games as well as singing and dancing, with every activity geared towards strengthening bonds of friendships among mothers.

The games and competitions which also included lady with the biggest earring, highest heel, biggest bag, came with amazing prizes and crowns, with Tanya Thakwani, the wife of the hon’ble Chairman, helping the presentations of prizes on the occasion.

Mother’s Day celebration at DPS International is an annual ritual which seeks to bring to the fore the important role played by mothers in the development and wellbeing of humanity.

The School and its Chairman hold a firm belief in mothers being agents of positive social change, true love and affection as well as better managers of homes and institutions.

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