Don’t turn the workplace into a worship centre – Tobinco CEO

Chief Executive Officer of Tobinco Group of Companies, Samuel Amo Tobin, has advised business owners not to allow their employees turn their offices into ‘worship centres’ as that will collapse the business.

In an interview with Rev Dr Kwabena Opuni Frimpong, Mr Tobin said the church is different from work and trying to combine the two, will spell doom for a business.

Even though he is a presiding elder at the Church of Pentecost, and employs many church members, the Chief Executive Officer said he has drawn a clear line between work and church to ensure the employees do not take advantage of his position in church to joke with his business.

“The church is different from work. I have a lot of Pentecost people in my church, but I tell them here we don’t do praise the Lord, hallelujah. Here when we come it’s purely work,” he said in the interview monitored by GhanaWeb.

“If you try to bring the church into a working environment, you’ll collapse it,” he stressed, adding that he fired one of his employees because she was busy reading the bible during work hours.

He added that Ghanaians have a poor attitude towards work and if given the chance, they will sleep on the job.

“This is why our country is not developing, our attitude towards work is zero. People want to be pushed before they work and if you push them too much they say that you’re a bad guy,” he said.

Mr Tobin noted that if allowed, these same employees who will run the business down, will turn to blame the owner for bad management.

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