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Don’t condemn abused victims who choose to stay with partners – Stella Damasus

Nigerian actress Stella Damasus has called on people who feel concerned to desist from condemning victims of domestic abuse when they choose to stay with their partners.

Taking to her Instagram account, the actress noted that it is normal for people to ensure victims leave their abusers. However, constantly criticising them and berating them only worsens their plight.

“We shouldn’t start by asking them ‘Why aren’t you leaving?’ Why are you still there? No, you are adding to their problems. They are mentally battered or brainwashed thinking it is their fault. Some of them are made to think without their partner they are worth nothing,” Stella Damasus said.

She explained that these questions can traumatise the victims further, especially since their self-esteem has been affected.

Stella Damasus added, “so it is not fair to ask them these questions making them feel the way their spouse makes them feel. The best way to do it is to understand, listen and then find help for them.”

She stated that people can help abused victims in many ways including finding shelter for them, and reporting the case to law enforcement agencies among others.

“Whatever you can do for them start there,” the actress said.

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