Domelevo Saga: Kwaku Azar exposes Audit Service Board and SSNIT in naked ‘corrupt fraud’

Legal Practitioner and Professor, Stephen Kwaku Asare( alias Kwaku Azar) has pointed out that documents of Mr Daniel Domelevo leaked by the Social Security and National Insurance Trust(SSNIT) and shared widely by social media users as proof that Mr Domelevo was born on 1st June 1960 rather prove that he was born on 1st June 1961.

Prof. Stephen Kwaku Asare, who is a KPMG Professor of Accounting at the University of Florida and a Certified Fraud Examiner, explained that the digits that constitute Mr Domelevo’s SSNIT number unmistakably prove that he was born in 1961 contrary to claims by the Audit Service Board that he was born a year earlier.

Auditor-General Daniel Yaw Domelevo, has been ‘retired’ by President Akufo-Addo with the explanation that documents from SSNIT show that Mr Domelevo was born on 1st June 1960 and should have retired last year.

But Prof Asare, who has taught Forensic Accounting for many years, has disagreed with SSNIT documents making rounds in which Mr Domelevo’s date of birth is 1st June 1960, adding that Mr Domelevo has been sacked but his reputation must not be destroyed.

“Ordinarily I will not comment on this document because I believe it was unlawfully procured and published on FB. But I feel duty bound by GOGO to do so.

Those who posted it want you to focus on 01-06-1960 for obvious reasons. But let us do a little bit of forensic auditing:

All SSNIT numbers tell a story. The SSNIT number here is E106106010014.
To the ordinary eyes, this means nothing. But to the GOGO eye, this means
E = Eastern Region
10 = District 10
61 = 1961
06 = June
01 = 1

The cardholder was born on June 1, 1961,” he pointed out.

Prof Kwaku Asare added that in the hasty attempt to destroy Mr Domelevo, his social security number was not changed as his date of birth had been altered.

“In the haste to destroy, whoever altered the DOB[Date of Birth] failed to alter the SS#[ Social Security Number],” he added.

Mr Domelevo had been in a long drawn tussle with the Board of the Audit Service and the Presidency until he was ultimately retired yesterday.


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