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Do you think God will spare us!- Elvis Agyemang to promiscuous Pastors

Pastor Elvis Agyemang, founder of Grace Mountain Ministry and the face of ‘Alpha Hour’ has sent a stern warning to men of God exploiting vulnerable women who come to their feet for divine intervention for their situations.

Alpha Hour is a non-denominational daily prayer session on Facebook for believers who desire to fellowship through prayer.

Leading a vibrant prayer session for a new revival for this generation of Christians on Friday’s Facebook live session of Alpha Hour Pastor Elvis Agyemang touched on the spate of immorality among the Christian fraternity, particularly pastors.

“I am not without fault but Let’s remember that God will ask us someday. A woman comes to you for help or counsel and you prey on them and drag them into immorality. Do you think God will spare us?,” he fumed.

He encouraged all Christians to pray for this generation of believers for a reformation of character as God himself has declared in scriptures. “By their fruits you shall know them”, to wit, the lifestyle of Christians should not discourage people from going to church, but it must win souls forGod.

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