DIY: How to prepare delicious tuo zaafi

Have you ever thought of making your own homemade version of popular traditional food from northern Ghana Tuo zaafi? If not, then it’s about time you tried it from our video tutorial today.

Tuo zaafi is one of the most nutritious foods in Ghana. As for the taste, let your own taste buds do the talking.

Now, let’s get started by gathering the ingredients list below.

• Ayoyo leaves
• Salt Peter (Potassium nitrate)
• Powdered Okro (optional)
• Dawadawa
• Pepper
• Onions
• Fish seasoning/ Shrimp powder
• All purpose spices
• Meat (Beef)
• Palm oil/ vegetable oil
• Tomatoes
• Salmon (optional)
• Herrings (optional)
• Bay leaves (optional)
• Cassava flour
• Corn flour

How to prepare the tuo

In a sauce pan, mix small amount of cassava and corn flour with about two cups of water and set on fire.

When it thickens to the texture of porridge, pour a quarter of it and set aside. Add small amounts of the mixture of corn and cassava power and keep stirring.

Stir mixture gradually until a consistent paste is achieved. You can add a bit of the porridge in the paste if it starts becoming too hard.

Turn it over till the required texture is achieved.

Scoop the tuo in bits into a clean glass bowl ready to serve with the sauce
Watch video below for a step by step preparation of the stew and green sauce


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