Ditch supplements for natural vitamins-rich okra sauce

Okra sauce with banku is a dish every person who loves okra should try.

The sauce which is spicy and slimy is best enjoyed with banku even though you can eat it with other staples.

Okra sauce can be made with varieties of meat and crustaceans like crabs, cray fish, lobster etc.

In this recipe, grilled chicken will be used as the main meat for the sauce.

If you decide to use other kinds of meat, you can use your own preferred spices to season it before adding to the stew.

This kind of okra sauce is a delicacy in the sub Saharan Africa region. The generous quantity of okra vegetable in the sauce makes it a rich source of potassium, vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid, and calcium. It’s low in calories and has a high dietary fiber content.

A study by Hainan Medical College in 2015 also revealed that okra has a Therapeutic effect of okra extract on gestational diabetes.

How to prepare Okra sauce


20 medium sized okra
1 medium sized tomatoe
4 Haberino Pepper
1 medium sized Onion
1 inch of Ginger rhizome
1 clove Garlic
10- 12 pieces of Grilled chicken
¼ cup chicken stock
1 cup Corn dough
½ Cup Cassava dough
5 Basil leaves
Salt petre

Method of preparation

Blend together tomatoes, onion, pepper, ginger, garlic and set aside.
Set ½ cup of chicken stock on fire in sauce pan. Add blended vegetables. Add fresh basil. Add chopped okra, sprinkle a pinch of salt petre. Stir together and add salt to it. Add grilled chicken.

Method of preparing Dumpling

Mix half cup of corn dough and cassava dough with ¼ cup of water. Add a pinch of salt to it and stir together. Set on fire and stir till it thicken. Turn it over in saucepan and add small bits of water till the required texture is achieved. This should take 10-15 mins.
Scoop it in bits unto a plate. Serve with Okra sauce enjoy.

Video credit: Telande_world on Instagram

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