Disqualify Mahama from contesting 2024 election – Volta NDC

A group of National Democratic Congress (NDC) members in the Volta Region have called on the national leadership of the party to disqualify former President John Dramani Mahama from running for the 2024 presidential ticket of the party.

At a press conference held in the region, the group said the motivation for their demand is “an elephant in the room,” that the party is “shying away from.”

“We have been following the writings of one of our thoroughbred members whose name is Stephen Ashitey Adjei, alias Moshake of the Tema East branch and we think that this member has been raising cogent issues that the party should not ignore,” explained MR. Edzrolali Adjorlolo.

Mr. Adjorlolo who was the main speaker at the press conference said a careful analysis of the losses of the NDC in the two previous national elections show that the cause of the defeats is former president John Mahama.

“Moshake was right when he said that Mr. Mahama’s set up of a parallel campaign machinery to rival the one set up by the party cost us the 2016 election; he was right when he said that former president Mahama was responsible for the estrangement of our Founder, Jerry Rawlings and he was right when he said that the Mahama brand is now not sellable,” he said.

Moshake is a firebrand member of the NDC in Tema East who has recently been publishing epistles about things going on in the party. His paper campaign has been for the former president to be replaced by another person for the 2024 election because according to him, Mr. Mahama has lost his mojo and become a burden on the NDC.

As it were, Moshake’s message resonated with many in the party and now people are rising to the occasion to speak up.

According to Mr. Adjorlolo, “under the leadership of Mr. John Mahama, the NDC lost support in the Northern regions of Ghana, which used to be our second largest support base after Volta. Even in the Volta Region here, we all know the despondency that happened here in 2016. If Akufo-Addo had been a smart president, he could have forever won the Volta Region for NDC but thankfully he missed the opportunity when he sent soldiers in there to attack people.

“the fact that even Volta became so vulnerable to the NPP under Mahama is the clearest indication that Mr. John Mahama’s turn to lead the party is over.”

Edzrolali Adjorlolo also pointed out that under former President Mahama, the NDC lost five seats that were for the party in the Central Region.

“All of these things indicate one thing; that the NDC will be better off without John Mahama,`” he said.

Mr. Adjorlolo was flanked at the table by Mr. P. Dzidzienyo, who also accused former president Mahama of not being straightforward with the party after the 2016 election. “How does your family come to tell us that you will no longer run for office only to turn round and run for office?” he asked.

According to him, “former president Mahama’s continuous connection to former president Kufuor of the NPP is a big problem that makes it difficult to support him,” adding, “and John Mahama has offended so many people in the country…nursing trainees, teacher trainees, judges and many more.”

Mr. Dzidzienyo called on the national leadership of the party to “be bold and do needful so that we do not lose the 2024 golden opportunity to return to power.”

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