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    Judges’ Recommendation: Chief Justice’s role must be checked – Legal practitioner

    Private legal practitioner, Kweku Painstsil, has criticized the Chief Justice for recommending five High Court judges to the president for appointment to the Supreme Court.

    Speaking on JoyNews’ Upfront show, the legal practitioner called for scrutiny of the role played by the Chief Justice and questioned the motives behind the nominations made for judicial appointments.

    According to Mr. Paintsil, the procedure adopted by the Chief Justice was unlawful, and her decision to bypass established judicial processes raises significant risks for the judiciary as an arm of government.

    “Personally, I still cannot understand how it came to be that the Chief Justice initiated this on her own. I wouldn’t know what discussions she had, but it has nothing to do with the fact that we don’t need more judges in the Supreme Court. The procedure she adopted is very unusual, and with due respect, and my honest view, I’m not too sure it’s right. That’s my view of the matter.

    “I’m not too sure she’s right at all in assuming that role and that position and projecting the issue. When we need justices in the Supreme Court, with due respect, it’s not the problem of the Chief Justice alone, it’s the problem of the judiciary as a whole. Even though we are members of the bar, obviously we have much more interest in ensuring that our needs are met at the Supreme Court and, of course, all the courts.

    “This is a country which is divided in almost every issue, and the role the Chief Justice plays in this, let me call it drama, ought to be checked, ought to be watched…

    “You must have the best decisions, but the way you go about it may end up leaving a sour taste,” he posited.

    However, defending the Chief Justice, Majority Leader Alexander Afenyo Markin said her recommendation is within legal boundaries, legally sound, and necessary to handle the increasing caseload.


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