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    Badminton Association of Ghana Celebrates World Badminton Day with Equipment Donation at West Africa Senior High School

    The Badminton Association of Ghana (BAG) marked World Badminton Day at West Africa Senior High School (WASS) by donating equipment and offering an all-expenses-paid trip to China for a winning participant. Students showcased their badminton skills in the school's Assembly Hall, with the top performer set to represent Ghana in this year's world badminton competition in China.

    The event was part of the global "Raise A Racket" campaign, aimed at uniting communities through badminton and promoting an active, healthy lifestyle. Mr. Evans Yeboah, President of BAG, stated, "World Badminton Day provides an opportunity to celebrate all that is great about the sport, and I hope many millions of people discover how fabulous the sport is."

    Mr. Yeboah also noted the association's ongoing efforts to promote badminton over the past two years, which inspired them to celebrate this year’s World Badminton Day at WASS. Dr. Shine Agatha Ofori, Headmistress of WASS, expressed her gratitude to the association and committed to utilizing the equipment to develop the sport in the school and Ghana.

    Dr. Benjamin Baah Konadu, Events Director at BAG, emphasized that World Badminton Day is more than just a celebration; it's a movement to unite people through the sport. "The game of badminton requires agility, reactions, power, and delicate touches. It's a sport for all ages and genders, and it's fantastic to see our community come together to celebrate it," he said.

    Mr. Otto Mensah, Coach of the school badminton team, appealed to the government, corporate entities, and individuals to support the construction of a dedicated badminton court, as the multipurpose Assembly Hall currently complicates training. He urged, “We are appealing to the government, non-governmental organizations, corporate bodies, and individuals to help us construct our own badminton court.”

    World Badminton Day, held annually on July 5, allows players to showcase their passion for the sport to the global community.

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