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    Salpholda Hockey League: Exchequers thrash University of Ghana 8 - 0

    The Salpholda Hockey League delivered an exciting week 6 filled with high-scoring games and notable upsets.

    The opening match saw the Exchequers dominate the University of Ghana team with an impressive 8-0 victory, marking the highest scoreline of the week.

     The University boys struggled to keep up as Exchequers displayed superior skills and strategy.

    In the second men’s game, Legonknights faced off against the Army team.

    The soldiers showed no mercy, securing a decisive 3-0 win.

    Legonknights were unable to break through the Army’s solid defense.

    League leaders Police Men fought hard in a 2-2 draw with Reformers. Both teams exhibited strong performances, but neither could clinch the win.

    GRA Men ended the week’s men’s division matches with a commanding 3-0 victory over Arkmen.

    In the Masters’ division, NDK Financiers achieved their first win of the league by defeating the league sponsors 3-2, marking a significant milestone in their season.

    Golden Sticks secured a 2-0 victory over Multi Stix, maintaining their competitive edge.

    University of Ghana Ladies celebrated a sweet 3-1 victory over the GAHA Development Team.

    In another notable match, Hockey is the Reason triumphed over Tema Manhean.

    Week 7 Fixtures:

    - Legonknights vs. GRA Men
    - GRA Ladies vs. Legonknights
    - Extinguishers vs. Police Ladies
    - Exchequers vs. Arkmen
    - University of Ghana vs. Reformers Men
    - Army Ladies vs. Reformers
    - Police Men vs. Army Men

    Fans are eagerly anticipating these matchups, hoping for more thrilling performances and surprising outcomes as the Salpholda Hockey League continues to heat up.

    By: Victoria Nana Adwoa Kwofie

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