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    ITTF Sustainability Committee Welcomes New Members Under Leadership of Mawuko Afadzinu

    The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Sustainability Committee, chaired by Mawuko Afadzinu, has welcomed two new members, Ryu Seung-min and Mayssa Bsaibes, to its team.

    As President of the Ghana Table Tennis Association and Chair of the ITTF Sustainability Committee, Mawuko Afadzinu is at the forefront of promoting sustainability in table tennis.

    Under his leadership, the committee aims to champion a more sustainable sport ecosystem. The new members bring valuable expertise, with Ryu Seung-min, an Olympic gold medalist, and Mayssa Bsaibes, an advocate for gender equality in sports, joining the team.

    Mawuko Afadzinu, a strong advocate for sustainability, encouraged the new members to think boldly and find innovative solutions to environmental and social challenges. With the ITTF's vision of making table tennis accessible to all, the committee prioritizes People, Planet, and Prosperity, balancing environmental, social, and economic factors.

    As a signatory to the UNFCCC Sport for Climate Action Framework and supporter of the Sport for Nature Framework, the ITTF, under Mawuko Afadzinu's leadership, is committed to integrating sustainability into its operations. The committee's diverse membership, including Majd Albalooshi, Jan Fitzgerald, and Daniel Valero, ensures global representation and expertise.

    Mawuko Afadzinu's leadership and vision for sustainability in table tennis are crucial in addressing pressing global challenges. Learn more about the ITTF's sustainability efforts and initiatives here.

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