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    Alan’s resignation makes sense - Nana Boakye

    Immediate past Constituency Chairman for the ruling New Patriotic Party  (NPP) in Tema West, Dennis Amfo-Sefah has waded into the hullabaloo surrounding the resignation of outgoing Minister of Trade, Alan Kyeremanten, saying the move makes sense.

    In a social media post, Mr. Amfo-Sefah, who is popularly called Nana Boakye, pointed out that those who are surprised by the move are probably babies in politics.

    “The bottom line is that most people in the NPP have not been happy about the direction that the party has gone in recent times and want a new direction with Alan Kyeremanten looked up to as the one to provide that new leadership.

    It therefore makes sense that he is resigning from the government as the first step of preparation towards assuming the responsibility that many expect him to assume,” Amfo Sefah said.

    Mr. Kyeremanten earlier in the week tendered in his resignation to President Akufo-Addo with the resignation subsequently accepted by the president.

    It is no secret that Mr. Kyeremanten will run for the 2024 presidential ticket of the NPP however, for some strange reason, his resignation which is required as precondition for him to focus and prepare towards the grueling demands of campaigning, has been met with surprise in some quarters.

    Mr. Kyeremanten has since said he will address a press conference in the next few days to allay doubts and answer questions. However, ahead of that, Mr. Amfo-Sefah, who is a long-time Alan Kyeremanten supporter, points out that his resignation is no mystery at all.

    “Anybody who knows a little politics, I believe, was expecting this resignation because there was no way Alan could have disappointed the chorus of calls on him to step up and rescue the party,” he wrote.

    “Besides,” he added, “even outside of the upcoming presidential primary, it makes sense for Alan to step away from the train given that the economic management team of the government has been under hijack with the hijackers, often leaving Alan Kyeremanten out of crucial decisions.”

    Nana Boakye emphasized that, “Alan Kyeremanten has never been allowed sway within the economic management team and so whatever is happening in the economy now cannot be blamed on him.”

    Mr. Kyeremanten is widely expected to contest for the 2024 presidential ticket of the NPP with Vice President Bawumia as the nemesis to overcome.

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