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    I won’t impose duties on spare parts for 2 years – Alan

    The Founder and Presidential Candidate for the Movement for Change, Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten, has reiterated his commitment to waiving import duties on spare parts during the first two years of his administration if elected in the upcoming 2024 elections.

    During a meeting with artisans at the Tamale Industrial area, part of his Northern Regional tour, Kyeremanten emphasized that the spare parts industry has suffered due to high import duties.

    He believes his policy will benefit consumers by making replacement parts more affordable.

    “The work that you do depends on the availability of spare parts, but the cost of spare parts alone is keeping you out of business.

    “And that is why I have made a commitment that if Alan becomes President by the grace of Allah, within the first two years, there will be no duties on spare parts,” he said on Tuesday.

    The Movement for Change leader has commenced his regional tour in the Northern Region with a series of meetings with various groups.

    He highlighted that despite the country’s wealth of natural resources, there has been minimal progress in transforming these resources into finished products.

    “Those of you who are into fabrication, you need metal sheets to fabricate the things that you produce. Ghana has bauxite, out of bauxite we can get aluminum. Ghana has iron, out of iron we can get steel, Ghana has oil and gas out of these we can get plastics.

    “So if we can add value to bauxite, aluminum and iron, we can get all the raw materials you need for your work and this is what Alan is going to do for you,” he stated.

    Mr. Kyerematen argued that the two major political parties have not met the needs of the masses, indicating a pressing need for change.

    He further asserted that the belief that an independent candidate cannot win an election is unfounded.

    “It will depend on you to make history and make Alan Kyerematen the first independent candidate to become president in Ghana,” he said.


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