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    I gave him $2,200 and he said ‘this small money’ – Matilda Amissah-Arthur recounts robbery incident

    Former Second Lady Matilda Amissah-Arthur has provided a detailed account of the terrifying robbery she endured on December 5, 2023.

    Speaking in a video testimony, she explained how she complied with the intruder’s demands, yet still faced brutal violence.

    Mrs. Amissah-Arthur revealed that the incident occurred while she was holding money intended for renovations at her mother’s house. “We were renovating our mother’s house so my siblings brought money, and the money was with me,” she recounted.

    When the intruder demanded money, she quickly handed over $2,200 and 50 euros. “Quickly, I took the $2,200 dollars and gave him, and I had 50 euros of my own and I gave him,” she said. She also gave him all the cedis in her purse.

    However, the robber was not satisfied with the amount. “Then he counted the money and said, ‘This small money.’”

    “He got angry. He turned my room upside down, and of course, he didn’t find money or any jewelry. And then he said, ‘You wasted my time, so I will kill you. But I have to call my boss.’ By this time, he had dragged me from the bed and was hitting my head on the ground,” she continued.

    In a chilling twist, the attacker spoke on the phone and received instructions to kill her.

    “He spoke on the phone for a couple of minutes and said, ‘My boss says I should shoot you, but I won’t shoot you. I will strangle you so that you’ll die a slow death and next time you come, you’ll have money.’ So, he started strangling me.”

    Amidst the ordeal, Mrs. Amissah-Arthur asked for water. In a bizarre act, the attacker fetched water from her fridge and allowed her to drink before resuming his attack.

    “I got thirsty at some point, and I said, ‘I am thirsty.’ He stopped strangling me, went to my fridge for water, opened it, and put it in my mouth. Just when I started drinking, he snapped it, closed it, and continued strangling me.”


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