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    Let's unite for Ga State development - Nii Okanta Ankrah II

    The Head of the Mantse Ankrah Royal Family of Otublohum in the Greater Accra Region, Nii Okanta Ankrah II, has emphasized that the development of the Ga State can only be achieved through unity among its leaders.

    He specifically called on all Ankrahs, Ayis, and Okantas within the Ga State and abroad to join hands to work towards a common goal of rebuilding the image and reputation of the Royal Family.

    Nii Ankrah II made these remarks during an interaction with the media after the ban on noise-making and drumming in Accra was lifted last Thursday.

    "We can only progress as a state if we stand united and pursue a common goal," he revealed.

    Nii Ankrah II, however, praised past and current leaders for their consistent efforts in building a strong Ga State.

    He mentioned that the Ga State has great leaders and expressed hope that the region could move forward if they put aside their differences and work together for growth.

    "Now is the time for us as a people to unite, cooperate, and demonstrate the virtues of unity, hard work, and industry that drove our ancestors to establish a dominant and prosperous civilization within the Ga State.

    "I firmly believe that the true sons of the Ga-Dangme State are prepared and capable of meeting the challenges at hand," he stated.

    He urged the leadership of the Ga State to build bridges, not divisions, to extend helping hands, not fists of fury, to speak words of love, not words of anger, and to shame all those who profit from sowing seeds of discord amongst our people.

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