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    David Oscar Gets Nostalgic Ahead of Yvonne Nelson-led Mega Dumsor Protest

    Popular Ghanaian musician, David Oscar Dogbe, has taken a trip down memory lane in a social media post, reflecting on the country's past struggles with power outages – a situation infamously known as "dumsor."

    The post comes ahead of a planned protest against the ramification of the returning power instability, led by Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson on June 8, 2024.

    Oscar's post, a blend of humor and somber reminiscing, recounted the inconveniences and disruptions dumsor causes in the everyday life of Ghanaians. 

    “Is there an energy sector in this country called Ghana? It beats my imagination how both past and current governments remain powerless against the ‘STRONG MAN’ called dumsor. It’s been 9 years since myself and other celebrities joined Yvonne to demonstrate against dumsor… Do we have to do this again for our leaders to give us common electricity? SMH” he quizzed on Facebook. 


    David Oscar who actively participated in a similar protest in 2015 touched on experiences such as interrupted work schedules, disrupted schooling, and the frustration of navigating daily life in darkness in an interview with the media back then but it appears the issue of erratic power supply is far from over.

    The musician's post has resonated with many Ghanaians, sparking conversations online about the hardships of dumsor and the anxieties surrounding how long the situation will linger. 

    Oscar's nostalgia, however, appears tinged with a touch of apprehension, mirroring the national mood of Ghanaians wary of the return of Dumsor and the enduring impact it has on the Ghanaian psyche.

    In the meantime, Yvonne Nelson has encountered a number of setbacks since she announced this protest earlier this month. After a meeting with the Accra Regional Police Command last week, she was asked to change venue for the protest from the Revolution Square near the Jubilee House to Kwame Nkrumah Circle and possibly change the date of protest ie May 25 as well.

    The Accra Regional Police on May 20, 2024 proceeded to court to place an injunction on the planned protest but the court struck out the case on May, 24, 2024.

    Meanwhile, the intended protest which was earlier scheduled to happen on May 25 at the Revolution Square near the Jubilee house will now take place on June 8.
    Selorm Dzramado, Yvnonne Nelson and Henry Akoto, the conveners of the protest said the place of convergence will now be in front of the University of Ghana and protesters will walk to the Tetteh Quarshie Roundabout.
    Regardless of the setbacks, the actress's call to action has garnered significant public support, highlighting the nation's collective hope for a stable and reliable power supply.

    David Oscar's social media reflection and Yvonne Nelson's planned protest serve as timely reminders of Ghana's past struggles and the nation's unwavering desire for a permanent solution. 

    Their efforts contribute to a national conversation that will undoubtedly influence Ghana's approach to energy security and development.

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