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    Chronic respiratory diseases on the rise in Accra – Health Director

    Cases of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Accra are fast increasing, with cardiovascular ailments being a major killer of the aged and middle-aged.

    The Metropolitan Director of Health Service, Dr. Abena Okoh, who made the disclosure, said the NCDs, also known as chronic respiratory diseases, tend to last long.

    She cited environmental pollution and unhealthy lifestyles as major causes of the diseases.

    Explaining further, Dr. Okoh stated that hypertension is the fifth biggest cause of death in Accra for three consecutive years – from 2021 through 2023.

    The Health Director said that a total of 38,826 hypertension cases recorded in Accra health facilities had been 12,451 in 2021, 12,671 in 2022 and 13,704 in 2023.

    According to her, asthma followed on the log with 1,364 in 2021, 2,112 in 2022 and 1,661 in 2023.

    Cardiac diseases placed seventh, posting 418 cases in 2021, 249 in 2022, and…in 2023.
    The Accra Metro Health Directorate reckons stroke as an important disease too, with 187 cases having been recorded in 2021, 304 in 2022 and… in 2023.

    On fatalities caused by the environmental pollution-engendered NCDs, the Health Director told Adom News about 200 Accra residents died from cardiovascular diseases during the three years under review.

    She said women in James Town whose main occupation is fish smoking with fire wood, risked getting the deadly diseases.

    Indeed, among the suburbs of the capital, when it comes to cases of lung cancer and other chronic respiratory diseases, James Town always ranks high – according to the medic.

    She, thus, advised women smoking fish at James Town to go for clean cook stoves for a healthy life.

    Dr. Okoh assured that many deaths from non-communicable diseases are preventable, if communities and policymakers put in place right measures to minimise environmental pollution.

    Her comment was in connection with Adom News’ report Clean cookstoves offer benefits but many fishmongers cannot afford them.

    The report shed light on Ahotor oven, a modern cook stove that emits far less smoke, saving the smokers’ health.

    Currently, health experts are calling on fish smokers across the country to adopt a clean and safer method for smoking fish.

    Most fishmongers say that they know the benefits of the Ahotor stove.

    They also know the traditional stoves are dangerous. But they all say the Ahotor stove does not do a good job smoking fish.


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