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    Circle ECOMOG Fire: Nobody will be allowed to reside here again – Regional minister

    Greater Accra Regional Minister, Daniel Titus-Glover, has announced that measures are being implemented to ensure nobody resides at Circle ECOMOG again, following a devastating fire that razed the area on June 5, 2024.

    Scores of wooden structures at Circle ECOMOG in the Greater Accra Region were completely destroyed by the fire, which broke out around 4 PM.

    The blaze caused widespread destruction, leaving many residents scrambling for safety and belongings.

    Speaking in an interview with the media, Titus-Glover emphasised the gravity of the situation:

    “The brief here was that in February 2022, there was a similar fire accident here that gutted all over the place, thinking we would learn lessons from it. This morning coming here, you see the transmission lines and national assets. If it had affected this pylon, it would have been worse.”

    He continued, “I have instructed that nobody should live here anymore and I mean it. It is our duty to protect every life and property.”

    Titus-Glover also mentioned a local leader’s response to the incident, insisting that their opinion will be rebelled.

    “A gentleman says he is the chief of this community and I have told him that we don’t want any more fires and I will put men on the ground. Anybody who tries to rebel will be sent to court,” he explained.

    The minister said he is determined to curb notorious activities in the area.

    “Here has been described as a red light where women do all kinds of things. Under my leadership, this will stop. We will protect human lives and properties,” he added.

    When asked if the residents would be relocated by the government, the minister responded that that was impossible as Accra is currently choked.

    “Accra is choked. Where are we going to get it from? I am sure they have done a lot of saving and I am sure they should be able to afford accommodation. The government has nowhere to relocate them,” he stated.


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